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For some, a well prepared meal is a piece of art itself. Other people mainly go to vernissages because of the culinary offerings. Art and food have already entered into many liaisons with each other. Julius Vapiano from Cologne appreciates a good dish as well. But he is not an „Eat Artist“ nor a caterer for exhibition opening folks. It’s rather the sweet spot between cooking, food critique and literature where he feels comfortable. In 2016, he founded the platform „it tastes like ashes“, which turned from a Facebook page to a printed book and returned to Digitalia again in form of a PDF zine. Since 2022, he reinvented himself with preparing snacks and drinks for art and music related events in urbanana.

Friedemann Dupelius met Julius Vapiano in his private kitchen in Cologne Südstadt, where he prepared a very classic Italian dish for them: Spaghetti aglio e olio. While cutting parsley in an intentionally dilettant way, and letting the garlic slices have a little bath, they were talking about food critique, gastro literature, authenticity in kitchen and serving food in an artsy context.

Check out this yummy podcast in English:

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Julius Vapiano has released several books & zines with Cologne’s publishing house Strzelecki books:

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