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going urbanana!

The banana-shaped urban jungle that extends from the Ruhr Area and Düsseldorf to Cologne is so inimitable and at the same time multifaceted that you should urgently consider paying a visit to this western region of Germany

Our projects are our flagship. They make urbanana what it is: a creative playground with unlimited possibilities to realise your ideas. Get to know some of the personalities who have found their home or place of work here.

No matter whether your heart beats for art, music, digital, new business ideas or all of the above: We feel for you. Show us what you think and get in touch with us. You can also find news about our projects on our social media channels.

ar biennale

Together with the NRW-Forum, we organised the world's first biennial for augmented reality art.

the link

Architecture in urbanana - The Link magazine shows the places you need to know.


An interactive light installation, in the middle of our urban centres. And you can design what comes out of it.

sound of urbanana

The Sound of urbanana is our music guide. Get to know the places and musicians that have shaped urbanana to this day.

Fortuna Ehrenfeld

Lead singer and author Martin from the Cologne indie band Fortuna Ehrenfeld shows the places in urbanana that have shaped him and the band.

X Design Week

The X Design Week has combined tourism, urban development and location marketing and brought many exciting ideas for the future for all sectors.

urbanana AReal

The urban art works in Bochumer Straße in Gelsenkirchen are brought to life during the VR Places Festival.

Deep Talk NRW

Time for a deep talk with the heads of the club and music scene in North Rhine-Westphalia. Together with Kaput Magazine.

Open House urbanana

A virtual 3D exhibition with your photos from urban life in North Rhine-Westphalia, in cooperation with the architecture festival and urbanana award winner Open House Essen.