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what we do

perfectly authentic?

a place with curves and edges

Not everything is polished and perfect here and that’s not what urbanana attempts to portray. Who wants perfection when you can have pure authenticity? urbanana tries to be as authentic as it can be with bringing you in contact with people who love and co-design their urban space and who can tell you with conviction why you absolutely have to come back for another visit. The city is their sometimes ramshackle playground, their building site – and their pride and joy. 

But what actually makes urbanana so special? The people, of course! We work closely with artists, creatives, makers and innovative minds such as start-up professionals and all-rounders who make the urban centres what they are.

Between the Cologne cathedral, Königsallee and the coal mines, there are many undiscovered and endless sources for leisure and life. We want to show them to the world. We achieve this with our projects. Click through and get to know urbanana and its residents better. Inspired yourself? We look forward to your ideas. Get in touch with us!

what we do


Our projects are our flagship. We'll show you who are the kings and queens of creativity and innovation in urbanana.


Exchange is the core to continue. That's why we put great importance to cross-sectoral network meetings.


Where to go first in urbanana? Our publications show you the way and are guides for every taste.

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