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Every passionate music fan dreads the moment when it inevitably becomes clear that things can’t go on like this. The last corner of the room is filled with a record shelf and the crammed cellar forces an answer to the question of what is worth keeping and what should be sorted out at some point. For the Cologne music fan Matthias Schumacher, this time also came one day. The solution was found one evening over a beer: I’m founding a music archive!

This idea and the private collection became the “Musikarchiv NRW”. Matthias now guards almost one million mementos from the fascinating musical history of North Rhine-Westphalia as head of the archive. On a voluntary basis, in his spare time and with an uncanny love of music.

In our new episode of “sound of urbanana: Talks!” Matthias talks about growing up as a theater kid, his wild rock’n’roll years, and how the Music Archive came to be…

English version:

Author: Ole Löding
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader
Photos: Ole Löding
Music: Martin Zuther

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