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Cologne is not only a place for tourists. But rather – and especially in our urbanana world – a place to stay for a little longer or even for good. In this video documentary we dive into the world of Cologne expats from musicians from the Atlantic coast in Spain, from the fish and chips capital of the UK near Newcastle or even an art student from the Ukraine.

For English subtitles click on >> Subtitles >> English.

Video by Verena Maas & Sebastian Züger

Camera: Verena Maas, Björn Weber

Editing: Verena Maas

Music: Tom Ashforth, David Borens, Andrew Collberg

Further information:

Tom Ashforth on Spotify

Andrew Collberg – Website

Loreto Quijada – Website

Sonia on Telegram

Musicians: Felix Hederich, Miguel Ortiz Caturani.

The song by Tom Ashforth & The Pressed in the documentary is called – Accept.

Song by Andrew Collberg – Long Blonde Hair, Papercup Records 2022

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