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For a coffee with Stefanie Schrank in the Old Firestation

The old fire station in Cologne – This is where our author Ole met the songwriter, musician, illustrator and visual artist Stefanie Schrank for a coffee. Stefanie feels at home in the Agnesviertel, the so-called writers’ quarter of the cathedral city. In a devoted portrait, she tells Ole in the courtyard of the cultural centre of the old fire station how she came to Cologne from southern Germany almost 20 years ago as a founding member of the indie band Locas in Love. She explains, how bands like the Smashing Pumpkins inspired her to pick up the bass and make music herself, which wasn’t so easy as a woman back then.

Find out more in our new episode of sound of urbanana:Talks! With Ole Löding and Stefanie Schrank.


Want to know, what Stefanie’s music sounds like? Listen to our Spotify-Playlist!

Musikerin Stefanie Schrank, Foto ist angelehnt an Kraftwerk.

The Agnesviertel of Cologne is also known as the writers’ quarter. Authors, artists and musicians used to and still do love the quarter for its atmosphere. The cultural centre and gastronomy Old Firestation (Alte Feuerwache) is a place to meet others and be inspired. It’s close to the Ebertplatz in Cologne, a place in the middle of which is a water construct made of nails.

Author: Ole Löding
Overdub: Rebecca Wittmann
Music: Moritz Menzel/Ole Löding
Photos: Ansgar Hiller/Gabriele Summen/Ole Löding
Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader