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The Ratinger Hof at the northern end of Düsseldorf’s old town was the German “CBGB” in the 1970s and 1980s – the epicentre of punk in the Federal Republic. Countless bands formed here and made music history: DAF, Fehlfarben or the women’s punk band Östro 430.

At the end of 2021, the “Kulturbanausen” moved into the “Hof”. The makers want to take up the experimental, subcultural and provocative spirits of the glory days. “Kulturbanausen im Ratinger Hof” is a cooperative of committed people who want to bring exciting, non-conformist culture back to Düsseldorf’s old town. How this works, how the idea for this project came about and why it is necessary to create an open cultural space for everyone, three of the Kulturbanausen tell us in the new episode of “Sound of urbanana: Talks!”.

English Version

German Version

More of the Kulturbanausen

Author: Ole Löding

urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader

Overdub: Helge Löding, Rebecca Wittmann Saskia Wragge

Photos: Kulturbanausen im Ratinger Hof / Ole Löding

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