Deep Talk NRW

A documentary series about North Rhine-Westphalia's electronic club scene and pop culture


“Deep Talk NRW” is a ten-part video editorial series about artists, musicians, DJs, label owners and other protagonists that shape the club scene and pop culture of urbanana.

Together with the magazine “Kaput” urbanana talks their current projects and their creative bond to North Rhine-Westphalia. Find out all about the ideas, works, and favourite places of (among others):

More info and protagonists to be announced soon.

Concept and realization of Deep Talk NRW: Roman Szczesny, Linus Volkmann & Thomas Venker, proudly presented by urbanana.

Episode I - Düsseldorf with Miki Yui & Stefan Schneider

For the pilot episode of our new video editorial series “Deep Talk NRW”, Kaput talked to Miki Yui und Stefan Schneider at the Filmwerkstatt in Düsseldorf-Flingern. 

Miki Yui and Stefan Schneider live in Düsseldorf. Born in Japan, Yui often works with field recordings and explores the deeply hidden secrets of sound. Her solo album “Aperio!” was recently released and she is currently collaborating with Asmus Tietchens. Miki Yui takes care of the Klaus Dinger archive.

Stefan Schneider was a member of the bands Kreidler and To Rococo Rot. His music is characterised by his curiosity for sounds beyond well-known paradigms. Stefan Schneider runs TAL records, he currently releases as Mapstation and collaborates with artists like Katharina Grosse and Koshiro Hino, among others.

Episode II - Düsseldorf/Aachen with Daniela Georgieva

In the second episode of Deep Talk NRW, kaput magazine talks to the artist Daniela Georgieva about her work, her motivation and inspiration.

Daniela Georgieva studied art at the Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie. Her artistic work is influenced by the Judson Dance Theater, a New York City based collective of dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and composers from the 1960s.

Georgieva is interested in the daily movements of humans, which she transfers into her art performances. Her last exhibition “quixotic essence of a breath of movement / 1×3“ was shown at NAK – Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.

Episode III - Duisburg with Ronja Schwikowski

In the third episode of “Deep Talk NRW” Kaput visits Ronja Schwikowski who came to Duisburg from Lower Bavaria. Just because of Punk. She now runs a mailorder and a magazine: “Plastic Bomb” is one of the most active brands in the contemporary German punks scene. Schwikowski also is engaged in the #punktoo-movement which calls attention to sexism in the scene.

Episode IV - Krefeld with Vladimir Ivokvic

In the fourth episode of the documentary series “Deep Talk NRW”, we introduce you to Vladimir Ivkovic. We met the DJ and label owner of OFFEN MUSIC at Hülser Berg, a mysterious little forest north of Krefeld.