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In the new episode of sound of urbanana: Talks!, Friedemann talks to the makers of grapefruits, a magazine by fans for fans about non-male composers and sound artists.

It all started with a list. On it, the names of women who have contributed to the history of experimental music and continue to do so today. Why? Record shops, festival offices, music editors – the classic image of the male music fan still prevails in many people’s minds.

“The imagination of the freaky music fan is very male-centric,” says Helene Heuser of grapefruits fanzine, which is based in Cologne. Time to change that.

Bilder von den grapefruit fanzines Ausgabe 1-4.

Helene and other authors have been writing for the grapefruits fanzine since 2019. In the magazine, they portray non-male* musicians from a fan’s perspective. With their subjective texts, the authors want to support the artists gain more visibility. “I think it’s nice that we can be fans just the way we are and express that with our texts,” explains Helene in an interview with our author Friedemann.

Want to know more? Listen to our new episode of sound of urbanana: Talks!


Das Team vom grapefruit fanzine mit Magazinen.

The persons behind the grapefruits (from left to right): Dora Schilling, Theresa Nink, Elisa Metz, Helene Heuser; (front): Nathalie Brum, Elisa Kühnl

Author: Friedemann Dupelius.
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader.
photos: grapefruits fanzine