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In the new feature of sound of urbanana: Talks!, Friedemann turns our attention to the notorious Ebertplatz in Cologne. Listen to the first part on Spotify or right here.

Ebertplatz is one of Cologne’s most exciting places – a place in flux, and an „ebicentre“ for culture and debates on the future. Depending on your point of view, Ebertplatz is a social meeting place, an “anxiety space”, an art hotspot, a real-life laboratory, an eyesore or an architectural fascination. Since 2018, the initiative “Unser Ebertplatz e.V.” has been revitalising the square in the north of Cologne’s city centre with a cultural programme and civic engagement. However, the future of Ebertplatz is still insecure. In a two-part podcast, urbanana listens to what has happened on the square in recent years and what concepts there are for its further development.

Here comes Part 1 on the history and present of Ebertplatz. Representatives of the galleries, the Eigelstein citizens’ association, the Alte Feuerwache cultural centre, the Faculty of Architecture at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, the city planning office and the cultural office of the city of Cologne have their say.

Author: Friedemann Dupelius.
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader.
photos: Tourismus NRW/Johannes Höhn