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AR Biennale

The first Biennial for Augmented Reality art ever is coming to urbanana! From August 22, 2021 to February 20, 2022 nineteen international artists show their digital artworks in Düsseldorf and other cities.

As a destination partner, urbanana enables satellite projects in Cologne and Essen.

We are thrilled to be the destination partner of Düsseldorf based Kunstpalast/NRW-Forum, the hosts of the first AR Biennale ever. By downloading the AR Biennale App you’ll get access to various virtual artworks. Just scan the markers available at each location and up we go!

The app includes 13 free works, the remaining 22 works cost 5,49 Euro in total. Our satellite projects in Essen and Cologne are free of charge. To find the locations, you can download the app or scroll down…

Plakat von AR Biennale

wt* did i just see?

During the AR Biennale, you can discover the virtual artworks of various artists with your device (smartphone, iPad…). You can’t  imagine it yet? Then try it out, it’s easier than you think! Check out the vid below. You can find an overview of all the artists on the AR Biennale page.

where to go first?

You can find the markers at various locations in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Essen with which you can operate the app and gain access to the artworks.

In Düsseldorf, you should head for the Ehrenhof, where you will find many of the artworks. In Essen, head to Hans-Toussaint-Platz if you want to see MengXuan Sun’s virtual art and to Burgplatz if you want to see David Lobser’s work.
In Cologne, you will also find the markers in the city centre: between Museum Ludwig and Cologne Cathedral, you will find the marker on a lamp to see the artwork by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, and at Ebertplatz you will find the work by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos.

Share your experiences, pictures and videos with us by using #urbanana #arbiennale and see what else we got for you on our Instagram.

Any questions? Say „Hi!“ via social media or mail.

let's go

photos: NRW-Forum/Kunstpalast
art shown by: M. Rossner, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Jeremy Bailey, Lola Zoido, Mirevi, Tim Berresheim

photo workshops at the NRW-Forum

You want to capture the whole diversity of art properly? The Canon Academy offers a range of workshops at the NRW-Forum to teach you how to capture art objects, spaces and architecture with your camera.

The workshops take place on 3 December and 10 December.

More infos right here.

Canon is also partner of the AR Biennale.