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what you can expect

Take a look behind the scenes of urbanana with us and get inspiration from the city magazines „POLY“, „hiddencologne“ and „THE DORF – THE MAG“.

„hiddencologne“, „POLY“ and „THE DORF – THE MAG“ inspire with creative ideas and the hottest news from urbanana. In the magazines, people from the region report on their captivating projects and show you their favourite places off the beaten track – all in a practical jacket pocket format!

The city magazines paint an impressive overall picture and embody the unique atmosphere and lifestyle of the region. The content ranges from architectural gems to a rich offer of art, music and gastronomic diversity to tips for nightlife, shopping and the best coworking spaces.

One city, one city? No, lots of towns and cities. Ideed, the Ruhr region is often called the „city of cities“. „POLY“ will tell you all about their differences and similarities, but above all what unites them all. Above all, it’s the art and culture around the Ruhr that are subject to constant change. And the change is also noticeable in the surroundings: Dive in and let yourself be surprised by what the Ruhr region has in store for you!

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Away from the surface, into the depths of Cologne. „hiddencologne“ illuminates breathtaking culinary, music, design, art and culture and takes you to see the faces, the movers and shakers who shape urban Cologne. Take a look behind the facades of the city of 86 ‘veedels’ and discover its hidden treasures.

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The city of fashion and art has a lot in store for you: “The dorf” takes us to backyard galleries and through the night with busy designers, to quaint dive bars and trendy new locations. There are so many tips for going out, shopping and upcoming events that you could fill months with them. Let’s go to Düsseldorf, be curious what awaits you!

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Pictures: K-West Verlag GmbH, Stadtrevue Verlag GmbH, THE DORF