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Monica Harmony

Monica is a Belgian creative with Chinese roots, who lives in Antwerp.

Walking through Cologne, you will discover a piece of street art on virtually every corner. The Ehrenfeld district in particular is known for its many murals, with works by internationally renowned artists, such as our Belgian ROA. How did these pieces of art make it all the way to Ehrenfeld?

We visited art.rmx, the mastermind behind most of the murals present, to learn more about this. art.rmx is a non-profit from Ehrenfeld, supporting local art initiatives and street art by offering artists a space to work and exhibit in, as well as by raising funds for art initiatives in the city. Thus, art.rmx is partly responsible for a large part of Cologne’s urban landscape and regularly organizes exhibitions and arts festivals.

CityLeaks as a figurehead for street art in Cologne

The most famous one undoubtedly is CityLeaks, a biennale for contemporary urban art. Organized every two years since 2011, the festival brings together the greatest international names in the street art scene, allowing them to exhibit their work on an empty industrial estate provided for this very purpose. Some public spaces are made available for specific works as well, resulting in virtually every available wall in Ehrenfeld having been used to create colourful murals by international street art stars such as INTI and El Bocho at some point in the last decade.

Street art tour of the city district

Admire these works on a street art tour through Ehrenfeld. art.rmx has developed a map with the addresses of the different murals for this, available from art.rmx directly or via the tourist office of Cologne.

Don’t miss Ehrenfeld during a visit to Cologne. The neighbourhood has a very bohemian feel, with a laid-back atmosphere and welcoming residents. A visit to Ehrenfeld will feel like you are visiting a metropolis in miniature format.

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Pictures by Monica Harmony

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