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An art venue where everything interacts, even the trees? Welcome to “Situation Kunst” in Bochum!

At the art museum in the park of Haus Weitmar, it’s worth taking a look at the big picture. In the new video post of urbanana mag, Dr Eva Wruck guides us around the site and explains how architecture, art and space – and even the trees – work together.

Autor  Nathan also took the opportunity to visit some of the works on display, such as those by Richard Serra and Dan Flavin, with the curator of the museum, which is part of the art collection of the Ruhr-University Bochum.


For English subtitles click on  >> Subtitles >> English.

Film, sound and editing: Nathan

“Situation Kunst” is associated with the art collection of the Ruhr University Bochum.

Visit Situation Kunst (für Max Imdahl):
Nevelstr. 29c (in the Park of Haus Weitmar)
44795 Bochum


More about the museum, upcoming and permanent exhibitions & opening hours: