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The café jabubowksi in Cologne Mülheim – This is where our author Ole met the musician and radio producer Annick Manoukian. She plays in Cologne’s most exciting and best-dressed pop punk band Angelika Express. And is a radio producer for the Radio Köln Group, among others. Music fans love her podcast Heimspiel, in which she asks prominent German pop stars for musical insider tips.

In our new episode of sound of urbanana: Talks!, Annick Manoukian tells us how she became a musician against all odds in the Southern Palatinate, what deal got her into the band Angelika Express and why Cologne Mülheim is more exciting than its reputation




Listen to our Angelika Express Playlist:

Author: Ole Löding
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader
photos: Angelika Express/Ole Löding

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