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The arc gallery at techno club Tresor.West explores the club as a place of encounter and art and becomes a medium of speculation of what is true, set and predictable. It winds its way through the basement vaults of Tresor.West – day and night – exploring the seams between club culture and artistic discourse.

Invited artists play in several phases under the claim “Dysfunctional Perfection” the alcove arches, the corridors, the niches, filling the club with ideas and experimental border crossings.

Nathan followed the curators Daniela Berglehn and Viviane Lennert on their footsteps through the world of artistic imagination and pounding basses.

For English subtitles click on >> Subtitles >> English.

Video by Nathan

What's on at arc gallery


PHASE 2: ON DISPLAY 24.02.2023 – 31.03.2023


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