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going urbanana!

The banana-shaped urban jungle that extends from the Ruhr Area and Düsseldorf to Cologne is so inimitable and at the same time multifaceted that you should urgently consider paying a visit to this western region of Germany


Please note, that the actual application form will be German, however, this is where you can find all necessary information to prepare. The documents you hand in can be in English.

1. award briefing

You want to know more about the award and urbanana or would like to clarify the eligibility of your project? Come see us online or on-site for an information evening.

2. what are examples for award-worthy projects?

We don’t want to highlight one of the many amazing projects in NRW, in the following you can find a collection of sketchy ideas to outline the orientation of the award. You can also find inspiration with the laureates of the urbanana-Award 2017, 2019 and 2020. 

a) new forms of touristic services and offerings, in particular in the field of creative tourism

e.g.: street-art tours from suburban trains, ingress-touring, urban nature-tours, yoga on market squares, speednapping-hotels, Food Startups, culianry city tours, urban-sketching trips, monowheel workshops etc.

b) innovative, digital city-touristic informationtools

e.g.: vegan travel guides, post-war architecture guides, musical city maps, AR-Apps, barefoot guides etc..  

c) new form of collabortation between the creative, digital and tourism industries

e.g. galleries in a hotel-lobby, coworking spaces in congress-areas, joint event series, temporarily open hotel studios, weekly creative-crawl-series in the city etc.

3. what is creative tourism?

We use Greg Richards definition of creative tourism.

5. what is urbanana all about?

More information regarding the project here.

6. can freelancers apply for the award?

Yes, individual artists as well as groups of people who are active artist from all divisions of visual or performing arts can apply. 

7. can i download the application form somewhere?

No. The questions refer to the contents of the conditions of the participation. There won’t be any surprises, if you have prepared these.

8. can projects, ideas or companies apply that are publicly instructed or funded or financed in any other way?

Yes. We’d like to award these projects, in case of a win, with the symbolic urbanana-Award. However the prize money can not be disbursed to projects that are fully or partially funded or financed publicly.

9. can public institution such as cultural department apply for the urbanana-award?

Yes. These projects will also, in case of a win, be awarded the symbolic urbanana-Award.

10. can persons apply for the award, even if their place of residence is not nrw?

Yes. However the place of realisation must be

a) planned for one or more large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (more than 100.000 inhabitants)

b) Additionally all projects that take place in one or more member municipalities of the regional federation Ruhr (Metropole Ruhr) are eligible.

12. can one apply without being listed as a nominee, as one doesn't want the idea to be published?

Yes. In this case please indicate this in your application and give reasons for your decision. Please note, the publication of the idea, in case of a win, is mandatory.

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Laura Graßler, Tourismus NRW e.V.