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Brüsseler Platz in the heart of the Belgian Quarter in Cologne – This is where our author Ole met the musician Brenda Blitz. Her music sounds – as her website puts it – like a shaken bottle of fizzy water that is no longer quite tight. With her unadjusted New Wave Pop, she is considered the upcoming star from NRW.

In our new episode of “sound of urbanana: Talks!”, Brenda Blitz talks about growing up in Gelsenkirchen, founding her band in Berlin and why she has learned to love Cologne as a pop city.

Listen to the podcast episode in English:

Or in German:

Also check out our personally curated Brenda Blitz playlist!

More of Brenda Blitz and the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Author: Ole Löding
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader
photos: Thomas Schoger, Timo Kleid, Ole Löding

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