In the new feature of sound of urbanana: Talks!, Friedemann turns our attention to the notorious Ebertplatz in Cologne. Listen to the first part on Spotify or right here.

Ebertplatz is one of Cologne’s most exciting places – a place in flux, and an „ebicentre“ for culture and debates on the future. Depending on your point of view, Ebertplatz is a social meeting place, an “anxiety space”, an art hotspot, a real-life laboratory, an eyesore or an architectural fascination. Since 2018, the initiative “Unser Ebertplatz e.V.” has been revitalising the square in the north of Cologne’s city centre with a cultural programme and civic engagement. However, the future of Ebertplatz is still insecure. In a two-part podcast, urbanana listens to what has happened on the square in recent years and what concepts there are for its further development.

Here comes Part 2 with the various options what Ebertplatz can become. Talking about the wishes of the square`s stakeholders, what the city of Cologne has to say and what the future will look like, especially regarding the use, social issues, traffic and climate.

Author: Friedemann Dupelius.
urbanana Jingle: Bukez Finezt/Phil Phader.
photos: Tourismus NRW/Johannes Höhn